MOSS 2007 Enterprise Customization Jumpstart

These resources will give you a great jumpstart on rebranding your SharePoint 2007 project. Plus it will shave off hours of research time looking for these things from scratch. Wish someone did this for me!

Web Links

Great breakdown chart of the more major CSS classes like the Main Nav, the Left Nav, and master page body. Also referenced in ‘Real World SharePoint 2007′ in Chapter 6 by Shane Perran and Heather Solomon.

>>>CSS Ref Chart

Ever have those days where you end up yelling ‘JUST TELL ME WHERE IT IS!’ It won’t cure this problem, but at least you get answers.

>>>IE Dev Toolbar

Big Gotcha in this great starter page. Be sure to include the tilde-slash (~/) for all SharePoint namespace source references (This Gotcha was a great time waster for me)

>>>MSDN Minimal Master Page

Useful books

Real-World SharePoint 2007 by Wrox
Useful in identifying base plans of attack in your customization efforts. Good start for the regular web guy.

SharePoint 2007 The Definitive Guide by O’Rielly
I just like how this book does some deep dives on concepts that may not be all too clear. Like why are there over 4000 lines of code in the CORE.CSS file. More useful for developers than administrators.

Office SharePoint Designer 2007 by Microsoft Press
This is one of those books that help you grasp SharePoint concepts using step by step walk-throughs. Unfortunately you need a SharePoint 2007 Server running before you can begin any of the projects.


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