Approach to Paper Prototype Testing for UX

This is a process that I documented from a presentation at a MIX 10 Workshop. This outline should help any novice UX practitioner when and how to proceed with the individual steps of paper prototype testing. This is just a version I have adopted. You may find additional variations if working with a development team that is active in test-driven development.

Paper Prototype Testing

  • Test Facilitation
  • Test Setup
  • Plan Test
  • Define Study
  • Define Scenario
  • Define Tasks
  • Define Markers
  • Define Surveys
  • Conduct Initial Interview with Stakeholders
  • Recruit participants

Record and Log Test Sessions

  • Run-through test
  • Conduct Test
  • Log Tasks
  • Observers and Logging
  • Video record sessions [if possible]
  • Send surveys after completion of test session

Analyze and present findings

  • Graph Data
  • Define Key Measures
  • Highlight Points
  • Create Report
  • Identify Next Steps



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