Hot and Very Cool Developer Wish List

Here’s the usual wish list for smaller agencies that are used to acquiring designers verses developers. This article is a little mean-spirited but not far from reality.

Live, Breathe, and Embrace Mobile/Desktop/Cloud/Interweb Computing. You recognize a period of unparalleled innovation is upon us and the Future of Mobile/Desktop/Cloud/Interweb starts now. You are excited by unfolding developments and keep your ear to the ground. You know the nuances of mobile development having built HOT-AND-VERY-COOL-TECHNOLOGY applications.

Stay on the edge of technology, be ready to try new things.
Dream up new ways to interact with media and excite customers.
Collaborate with team members and clients.
Be proactive. Be accountable. Be flexible.

Awesome Agency is looking for HOT-AND-VERY-COOL-TECHNOLOGY Developers for 2-several month contract opportunities on site at our Major Metropolitan City office. Awesome Agency HOT-AND-VERY-COOL-TECHNOLOGY Developers possesses breadth and depth, leadership and strategic thought. Advanced knowledge of the HOT-AND-VERY-COOL-TECHNOLOGY platform to create phone and tablet applications is required.

Participates in discovery meetings and client presentations when required
Strategizes and develops proper flow of information, ensuring that design solutions integrate technical and business logic
Works well with Software Development, Quality Assurance, and Technical Analyst teams to tackle complex problems
Designs back-end integration to meet the requirements of the user interface
HOT-AND-VERY-COOL-TECHNOLOGY Developers provide expert guidance on platform with a focus on motion and performance
Authors and contributes to Awesome Agency coding  standards and SEO best practices
Ensures project deadlines are met
Maintains and contributes to positive creative culture

Minimum 10 years experience in the Interactive or other technology space that has been in existence for only 5 or less years
Advanced knowledge of ESTABLISHED-TECHNOLOGY and HOT-AND-VERY-COOL-TECHNOLOGY development tools
HOT-AND-VERY-COOL-TECHNOLOGY developers possess advanced knowledge of the platform and have a keen eye for motion with a serious focus on performance
Premier coding, architecture, and organizational skills
Online portfolio [hopefully free of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)] with exceptional interactive experiences
Successful experience working with clients and internal partners
Expert knowledge in writing reusable libraries
Advanced, proven knowledge of bleeding edge platforms (Facebook or similar multi-billion-dollar application)
Works exceedingly well with fellow team members from all disciplines
Proactive, constructive, and committed attitude; demonstrates great follow-through

Excellent time management skills demonstrated by the ability to execute on multiple projects while working on a tight deadline [must love the challenge of unrealistic estimates to gain any business]
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Excels in a highly collaborative environment
Passion for learning [because we want to save money by paying someone who can do the job of two if not more people for potential layoffs in the future]

Hmm…I want a HOT-AND-VERY-COOL-TECHNOLOGY developer to manage a few off-shore teams. My sweetie only know how much R and R working in the crazy and fast-paced world of SHOW-ME-THE-MONEY information technology solution development.


I am a technologist with a strong background in software engineering. I have many interests. My current distractions are 70s-80s-90s music [it's a very eclectic collection], ontology, information architecture, mobile device technology, medical bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and nanorobotics.

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