Big Island Women in Technology – Group Member Public Information

Below are links to the game developers group and member profiles. The games the group discusses are not limited to computer programs. They can be about board game or card game ideas you want to share with the group too.

This is the link to the Game Developers Group in Hilo.

This is Erin the Beekeeper’s member profile, who lives in Mt. View.

This is Laurie the Technologist’s member profile, whose from Oahu, lives in Hilo.

The huge list of information and links below are references to geek and nerd culture that I have experienced, and have learned from my geek and nerd friends.

There were many Gaming, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Anime references that I did not include with this already HUGE list. I know I may have missed several important ones, listed so please accept my apologies since the exclusion was not intentional. There would have been hundreds of links, which would have made this email into an e-book…well, you get the point.
Thus, I picked from the Science Fiction category, a franchise which I felt had the most longevity and global appeal, Doctor Who. For a British science-fiction television series that was produced back in 1963, and is still relevant today, definitely qualifies it as a franchise topping both criteria, longevity and global appeal.

It would be great to know your favorites (when you have the time.) Or you can share you list with Laurie and Erin, and learn about why the are interested in programming.

I will catch you later. Hopefully we can chat more about you possibly becoming a programming mentor during a ‘kids’ or ‘girls programming’ event? Maybe after classes at a Starbucks in town.

There’s more detailed information under the INVOLVING GIRLS DIRECTLY WITH TECHNOLOGY section (located at very bottom of this email). Just visit sites using the site links or lookup stuff on Google.

Anyways…Happy Holidays and hope you had an enjoyable Turkey Day.


I am a technologist with a strong background in software engineering. I have many interests. My current distractions are 70s-80s-90s music [it's a very eclectic collection], ontology, information architecture, mobile device technology, medical bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and nanorobotics.

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