“When I wanted to be a Bad Ass!”

I just thought of sharing a few martial arts videos with you about my past life when I thought this was how you learn to be a “Bad Ass.” I look at it now, and I definitely know that this was not my most resourceful and innovative ways of focusing my time.

Hmm…this is a big list of stuff.


Honolulu, Hawaii Early 1990’s – Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu

This was filmed at a training room at the Japanese Cultural Center on Oahu. The guy doing the break falls is Chris, an old friend that graduated a year earlier than me back in Hilo High. I’m on the side next to one of many video cameras rolling. My girlfriend at the time was filming. I am not sure why the title is just Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu  when Chris is doing a bunch of ninjitsu locks and submission holds.


Wu family vibrating whipping palm sets promo

Chris is now sifu at his own school he started called the Dragon Gate Sanctuary, located a Taoist temple behind Ala Moana Shopping Center. He even used to take his students to sharpen their skills at detecting energy vortexes in Sedona, AZ. I remember when he first started Reiki training. Not the buzz words “reiki healing” through massage, but the more hard core spiritual attunement of living energy and universal energy.

Let’s just say he once saw two spirits attached to me and asked if I wanted to remove them if I had any problems with them. I was a little more skeptical back in the day, so I said if they are just hitching a ride, I’m cool with that. Now, I would pay him a hundred buck to have him do his magic. I may know understand it, but I’ve heard stranger things and witnessed too many odd things not to believe in his power.


Daito Ryu Okamoto Shogo split 001

This was filmed in Hilo at the Waiakea Recreation Center near Ken’s Pancake House. The demonstrator is the coolest sensei on Earth that I have ever known.  His name is Seigio Okimoto, the teacher of my teacher, Hideoshi Laird. Okimoto sensei was married, but loved to smoke, loved to drink, and liked the company of ladies. Okimoto sensei was named a Japanese Living National Treasure back in 1990.

At 2:51, from the far right, is my teacher Hide (pronounced hee-day) who taught the Aiki class in Hilo, which I took from him for 10 years.

The next three guys are Hide’s classmates from Japan, during the time Hide was a bad ass at Shotokan karate. When Hide saw a full-on side kick by a 7th degree black belt in karate get deflected by Okimoto sensei as a test of skills Hide transferred to Aiki. The last guy with the pony tail is known for his drinking skills. If I remember correctly, he was brought up in Scandinavia somewhere before moving to Japan.


Daito Ryu Okamoto Shogo split 002

This was filmed in Hilo at the Waiakea Recreation Center near Ken’s Pancake House in Hilo. This was so funny to know because the intro was filmed across the street, literally in the middle of the Naniloa Hotel Golf Course.

At 9:46 you can hear me cough in the background. I was drinking a jug of water when someone made me laugh a little, causing the water to go down the wrong pipe.


Daito Ryu Okamoto Shogo split 003

This was filmed in Hilo at the Waiakea Recreation Center near Ken’s Pancake House in Hilo.

At 6:27 from the far right is my friend Chris, then me, and then Hide.


Sensei Okamoto intro to Daitoryu US Secrets

The guy who filmed it is Brently Keen, an old friend of mine. I think Brently still lives in Santa Cruz, CA where this was filmed.


This girl does most of the fundamental breaks, locks, and shock strikes in a playful, dance-like display.


Lots of throws, take-downs and sweeps combined with breaks of anything else.


Great drill with students showing the freehand style of exchanges called sombrada.


This is a nice kali video made on the island my mother is from in the Philippines.


This awesome person is named Burton. He was going to school at UCLA with one of my high school classmates who was studying to be a dentist. They had both came back to Hilo for a Spring Break visit back in 1997.

Burton influenced me to follow Bruce Lee’s fighting style, which was having no fighting style, known as Jeet Kune Do. I was so convinced I trained in it for three years. Burton trained with the legendary Danny Inosanto, who trained directly with Bruce Lee at Bruce’s home before there was a studio

At exactly 8:00, Burton is showing his deep knowledge of the art.

At 8:39 to 9:20, Burton shows his true self and world view. A view that helped change me to be the person I am today. Just get him talking about why we need to know how to fight and he will ‘get real’ about his philosophy in life. Kind of like when you get Teddy talking about modern film and the brutal world we live in.


Good documentary of the origins of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do with Danny Inosanto narrating.


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