Current IT position certification requirements

The position posting below should pose both a bit of a concern and excitement to prospective IT graduates. The employer, or recruiter, is specifically acknowledging IT industry standard requirements of all IT-related positions, including this junior IT position I included in this email [look below]. Usually research and grant funded projects associated with the US military and US Federal Government detail position standards in all requests for proposals (RFPs). Therefore, the reason for the IT requirements is not because Hilo is producing jobs of this caliber but the fact that many of the Federally funded research projects and conservation programs on the Big Island require industry standard compliance on all levels of all projects.

Not to sound like a broken record [again] but it is highly recommended that you study, pay for, and successfully pass any and all pertinent IT industry recognized certification exams while you are in school [especially when the information is still fresh in your head].

You can never go wrong when passing the CompTIA certifications. Even Ms. Annie Brown had acknowledged that Cisco was totally leading the certification of Cisco technology and CompTIA foundational IT certifications.

And another thing…notice what kind of academic education is required to apply for this junior IT specialist position. Yes…sad to say, but the GED equal to a 4-year degree with respect to this particular position.

Also…don’t worry about the security clearance thing…as long as you didn’t serve a day in prison, you are in the clear. You still need to pass the drug test though.

Location: Hilo, HI
Position: IT Specialist Jr, Tier III
Posted: January 1, 2015

Under immediate supervision, install, configure, service, repair, and maintain information technology systems in both a stand-alone and client-server environment, including MS server, and other authorized information technology systems. Install, configure, service, repair, and maintain hardware and software for network services, storage networking devices, and servers. Integrate multiple information systems in a networked environment, evaluate and resolve customer information system problems, effect required hardware upgrades and repair to maintain mission capability.

Install and configure wireless hubs, routers, switches, and various transmission media, server hardware and software, and ensure the proper installation and configuration of workstation hardware and software for efficient operation on the network. Install, optimize and troubleshoot Local Area and Base Area Networks. Familiar with Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN), Virtual Private Network (VPN), and Network Address Translation (NAT).

Possess High school Diploma or General Equivalency Diploma (GED). Possess a Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ and Network+, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) or a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification.

8570 Certification:
For Attachment 20:
IAT 1: A+, Network+, SSCP ES
Certs: MTA or MCTS

Ability to pass security background check: Secret w/SSBI Clearance

Hopefully this information was interesting, if not useful.


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