Open Study Sessions this Week at Prince Kuhio Starbucks

Just sharing that our IT study group has been meeting at the Prince Kuhio Starbucks from 8am to 7pm. This schedule will continue through Friday. The study group has been meeting here during those times. I have been cramming in some new programming skills for an internship this summer. For those new to the IT study group we have covered CompTIA exam preparation and material for the 220-801 and 220-802, to setting up your free hosted web pages (good for digitizing your resume since MS Word, PDFs, and paper are so old school), to speed reading, to textbook memorization, to ArcGIS programming with C#.NET.

Everyone is welcome to hangout if they want or assist someone with their studying.

Everyone is encouraged to bring a jump drive 4GB or bigger so I can share certification information with them.

UPDATES on past events and meetings at Starbucks so far:

Monday: Chatted with GB HaJim of HawaiiCon 2015. He would appreciate any volunteers for this years sci-fi convention at the Hawaii Prince. Observed members of the UH-Hilo Anime Club planning out their attendance for KawaiiKon this coming weekend. Witnessed a group three photographers make a commitment to invest into an aerial photography/video service with GoPros and high-end quad-copters to promote to real estate agents and wedding planners.

Tuesday: Observed a person studying for CompTIA A+ using Professor Messer material. Observed another person reading vigorously their Nursing for Surgical Procedures huge textbook. Initially, I observed a start-up come to next to me specializing in bamboo-based cloth and prints. After watching a technology challenged group of people attempting to log onto the free wi-fi, I was nice enough to help them get on and suggest making a campaign for additional start-up capital and using for additional printing and material services. It was fun doing a little lesson on Kickstarter and Alibaba to an eager audience thanks to my monthly experiences with the Hawaii Island Game Developers group.

Today: Observed a group of guys and girls working together on their YouTube video scripts for their League of Legends gaming group. To my understanding, they want to build a YouTube video drama series and use the potential funds to buy better costumes for everyone in the group. For now it is in the planning series on the “downlow”. Before this, I only knew Kim to be the only girl that played League of Legends. Ah-Mazing! I am working on ArcGIS.

I am so proud that people are able to find the time to be creative and entertain the basics of entrepreneurship.

I am a technologist with a strong background in software engineering. I have many interests. My current distractions are 70s-80s-90s music [it's a very eclectic collection], ontology, information architecture, mobile device technology, medical bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and nanorobotics.

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