The Deviled Horned Dancer – Method of Loci and Memory Palaces

Hey Team,

Tyler says that it took him 3-4 hours every day for 4 days to remember just a chapter? He should have remembered the whole book. Maybe he should have taken our sessions back in the spring of 2015.

He’s still applying a rote learning style to the memory palace. My palaces are much, much larger (miles in distance covered) are ordered spatially and multidimensionally. It’s much more efficient to follow this more general process, “It needs to be BIG, CLEAR, and VIVID.” – Patrick Jane from “The Mentalist”, Season 1, Episode 6.
Patrick shares about his Devil-horned Ballet Dancer and Cigar Smoking Duck []
The best way to increase your speed of processing lots of information for the long term memory is applying many shorter cycles of time using the Peg System along with the Method of Loci (memory palace). Practice, practice, practice. Plus, it’s a lot easier to accomplish when you don’t have the pressure of performing with less time to prepare.
I included the Memory Deck in case you forgot or haven’t opened it yet:
The Kumita Deck:

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