Lead Gen Strategies From The World’s Best Social Marketers

Kevan Lee Presentation Notes

  • Leads are exciting! With social media, you can get 100s, 1000s of leads. Social doesn’t just have to be a discovery tool — it can be a lead gen tool, too.
  • A lead is anyone who has shown interest in hearing more from you. And has given you a way to get in touch with them.
  • Typically how we get a lead: Social -> article -> download brochure -> hot lead


Generic strategies

  • Link to gated content: Often using social to link to blog posts… use social to link to gated content
  • Share landing pages
  • Run a contest: Short stack to run contest. Be creative; emoji responses, hashtags, video, multimedia. (Example: Describe most recent customer service experience using emojis.) Put a link on your bio.
    • Use Bitly and UTMs to track everything; use BItly for quick data analysis and use GA for big picture data (Track with UTM and tie into GA to GO DEEP)
  • Put CTAs on Pulse and Medium.
    • Ask – be specific about what you want (recommendations, sign up for an email list). Format – headings, italics, emoji, GIFs.



  1. Twitter cards
  • Twitter is a leads machine. 33% of Kevan’s email list comes from Twitter cards. With Twitter cards, Kevan gets 1 subscriber per day, and he hasn’t done anything since March 2015. And Twitter cards are totally free!
  1. Create your Twitter card. You will be asked if you have a privacy policy. If not, use iubenda to create one.
  2. Pin Twitter card to your profile page. This will be the first thing people see when they go to your profile page.
  3. Integrate Twitter card with email automation tool (such as Mailchimp ). You have to have a paid Twitter ad account to use the Mailchimp/Twitter card integration.


  • 5 minutes to create
  • Use button text, “Get” or “Join”
  • Any image will do
  • Send at non-peak times; anytime outside business hours; leverage “What happened when you were away,” less competition


  1. Medium letters
  • A lot of people think Medium is just for content. Yes, but it’s also a premium engagement platform.
  • Turn followers and readers into leads.
  • Anyone who follows you on Medium is a lead thanks to, “Letters”
  • Very simple to write a “Letter”: simply add a subject line, body text — that’s it!


  • Short form; write 500-word follow-up posts
  • Or move your blog
  • Posts by people; write posts as people vs. as company
  • Email 1x per week
  • Add value


  1. LinkedIn Groups

Just for networking? Nope! You can message anyone in any LinkedIn group you belong to.


  • Join groups (4-5)
  • Participate
  • Listen for questions
  • Reach out


  1. Facebook card ads
  • Very similar to Twitter cards.
  • Cost per click
  • Facebook = 80 cents
  • Adwords = $2.50
  • You can collect all info via Facebook cards and then create custom audiences for these lead gen cards.



  • Start by spending $5 per day
  • Create custom audiences
  • Customize some more
  • Test stock vs. you photo


  1. Facebook friends

Just for bdays and wookies? Nope, friends can be leads!


  • Be generous, not spammy
  • Reply to comments fast
  • Deliver fast


  1. Slideshare lead capture

You can add lead gen to any slideshare; leads can auto-fill form via LinkedIn. Cost per lead is $8 so may not be affordable for everyone.



  • Use Canva for slides
  • Capture the minimum
  • Add to blog posts – boost traffic
  • Promote on social


  1. Sniply (similar to Start A Fire )

Sniply allows you to share a link to content with custom CTA. Often the content is

someone else’s but the CTA is your own. Alternatively you can add the custom CTA to

your own content.



  • Match content with message
  • Mask the url
  • Validate then double down


  1. Social/Geo

With social geo you can see who your neighbors are. Use Twitter’s advanced search to search places/locations. You can also search for just questions.



  • Set up alerts
  • Brand name, product, topic,
  • Look up your neighbors
  • Add to Twitter lists, groups
  • Schedule a meetup


  1. Track your retweets

Wait, retweets are a stat but they can also be leads! They’ve expressed interest, so technically they’re a lead.



  • Get a dashboard
  • Check daily
  • Follow everyone
  • Thank influencers


  1. Whisper codes:

A whisper code is something you send out on social media to give people a discount for doing something.


Make sure it’s…

  • Unique – not being used anywhere else
  • Trackable – can you track via dashboard or analytics tool?
  • Time-based – is there urgency?



  • Try on a low-traffic day or
  • Try on a holiday
  • Make it worth people’s time
  • Track, track

I am a technologist with a strong background in software engineering. I have many interests. My current distractions are 70s-80s-90s music [it's a very eclectic collection], ontology, information architecture, mobile device technology, medical bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and nanorobotics.

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