Random Email To Business Friend #111

Email from October 2016.

Girl you cray-cray!

Hmm….14 goldfish? That’s weird. I just wanted you to see some of the crazy stuff interpreted from the leaked DNC emails concerning topics from”Spirit Cooking”, cannibalism, to NASA and the full-disclosure effort.

As far as meeting up, I am so busy right now with all the startups launching around the same time. Which reminds me, I need to process all that persona data so I can use it for the growth hacking demo.
The first and second quarters of next year are very busy for me. LOL…that’s like 2.5 months away. I probably won’t be able to hang out at UH for a while. I got two online store launches, a ton of email campaigns (the usual lead nurturing funnels with ClickFunnels and MailChimp combo), [which reminds me, I need to optimize that email list of yours for segmentation for your eBay stuff] and my attendance at all the ‘Get Your Ass To Mars’ Google Hangout meetings. Ugh, I need to proof-read all the product campaign funnel element (page copy and metadata). I did have fun with the server hardware. I architected all the hosting with specs and SLAs. All the sites are running on solid-state drives [Speed baby, speed]. This was the demo site I’ve been using for all my presentations with your peeps:

[took down the ‘madcoder’ site already in case you had the link already, the root domain is just a link to my online portfolio http://henrycogo.com]

It is used to promote the image of me as an expert at digital marketing and technology. [No enterprise SharePoint farm stuff] It’s used when investors have vetting processes that require a kind of digital resume but need to see actual examples of ability without disclosing URLs for existing projects. You won’t see any coding-nerdy-geeky talk since it is targeted to non-techies especially if peeps connect using an Android or iOS device with a small screen. I’m still debating whether I should or should not update my social media links. No ones asked. I guess seeing the icons are enough of a ‘social proof’.
One of the online store-fronts launching this weekend is called Etude House. It sounds Frenchy but it is a Korean based cosmetic supplier. Etude is French for the English word ‘study’. Yup. Makes no sense but I guess a ton of venture capital money can’t be wrong about affordable makeup with a snooty attitude. Here’s the link: http://www.etudehouse.com/
I already found a bug but I am keeping it to myself for now until last minute: http://www.etudehouse.com/index.php/about-magento-demo-store
Don’t want the poor girl or guy programming to loose their job [yes…Korean managers can get very crazy about these little errors especially when it reflects a public image theme] over something so simple to fix. Maybe I can contact the dev team indirectly and walk them through on how to fix it using an anonymous YouTube vid. That would be a very kind gesture, wouldn’t it? Not sure if it would fall into the WWJD theme of things. It is helping others without pride nor prejudice…but it is driven by pity more than by love.
Anyways, you can see all the Google Ads and indexed search results if you search ‘Etude House’. I like the angle that the Google AdWords are changed up every week once the Google Analytics data has gone through the typical growth hacking process. Nothing fancy going on here…well…except for my super-duper, crazy-awesome AdWords script optimizer.
Actual physical brick-and-mortar stores are opening in Nagoya, Osaka, Meliaka, and Singapore. Depending on the total Q1 and Q2 success reports, an Ala Moana location should be ready by Christmas 2017.

WARNING – Henry Is Stepping Up To The Soapbox

[clearing throat…ugh-hem…is this working?]
Everyone needs to learn how to setup and run a Shopify, or a WooCommerce, or a Magneto online store. Then learn to build converting funnels fed by a list, an FB ad, and an IG ad leveraging influencers. I know Amazon is getting saturated in North America and Canada, but all the analysis trends are pointing at the UK, Europe, and Mexico showing online customers maturing.



I gotta get you to a product trade show in Hong Kong. They are bigger than the ADS Las Vegas trade shows. Did you get your passport yet? Or maybe just visit product trade show in Vancouver. Wait…you still need a passport to cross the US-Canadian border…even if it is only a few hours north of Seattle.

Anyway, I got to get back to work…ugh…I thought I was done with that corporate marketing work crap.


Too bad few, if any of the academic institutions in the U.S. teach Americans citizens about cutting-edge, digital marketing and global e-commerce. It would be better to teach this stuff in high schools like NOW. That’s my small soapbox for today.


I am a technologist with a strong background in software engineering. I have many interests. My current distractions are 70s-80s-90s music [it's a very eclectic collection], ontology, information architecture, mobile device technology, medical bioinformatics, artificial intelligence, and nanorobotics.

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