US Space Corps…WTF! Random Email #000

When I first heard about this I thought it was a social media promotion or a publicity stunt to promote the release of the new “Transformers The Last Knight” movie or maybe the new Fifth-Element-like movie called “Valerian City Of A Thousand Planets” being released next month.

After a few of my friends inquired about this, I thought to do some research and I would end up following a link leading me to see a kickass movie trailer connected to either Sci-Fi movie. Instead, I find a lot of real news, to my surprise and totally opposite of the traditional “fake news” covering the very real debate between the US Congress and the US Air Force?!?
Really?!? I’m sitting here trying to focus on what sea turtle videos to post on my Facebook site and budgeting how much I’m going to spend this coming week on FB ads, and this stuff comes across my screen now? Really God? I’m actually enjoying this e-com thing. Now you want to turn my simulated universe sideways? I love spaceships with lasers but not when it’s competing with my sea turtle videos! Ugh…real life is stranger than fiction.
US Air Force to Congress: No ‘Space Corps’!
HASC Subcommitee’s Fiscal 2018 NDAA Bill Proposes Space-Focused Military Service
Space Corps, What Is It Good For? Not Much: US Air Force Leaders

What is going on? I’m preparing for an economic meltdown that wasn’t taken care of by the former POTUS and the two things in the news about the US government right now is repealing Obamacare [Was expecting it, so I’m OK with that.] and creating a fifth branch of the US Military to protect ‘Merikha from “outer space threats.” [Not OK with spaceships with big laser guns like in Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars Program back in the 80s.]

I’m just getting a handle on multidimensional entities and that the human body is composed of two types of souls…but to have a debate ultimately leading to how we’re going fund the building of spaceships designed specifically for warfare is not what I was expecting to learn about before the 4th of July. I was planning to participate in the BBQ contests out in Hilo Bay Front and then watch the traditional fireworks display afterward, then take a nap saying to myself “I shouldn’t have eaten the last bowl of fiery buffalo wings.”

I feel a little overwhelmed. Even my crazy is having a hard time with the all the crazy happening around me. Can someone just hit “RESTART” on “Henry Existence Universal Simulation Program”?

Normally I would just get some hard liquor and take a nap. I think I need my psychic advisor right about now.

Weird, just yesterday was Aloha Friday.

Note to the simulator administrator for Henry’s current life experience program: Dude can we space out the weird, real news further out, and stuff more UFO and paranormal phenomenon news coverage through YouTube by SecureTeam10?


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