Really? National Space Council? Random Buzz Aldrin Email #999

Reply to email thread started July 1, 2017, about US Space Corps.

Well, you got me speechless. This is incredibly weird. I had a feeling about UFOs and aliens, but not enough for a PUBLIC (seriously, what about Fringe / Black Ops division lol) separate military branch. Jeez.

Thanks for the info.
Reply to email thread July 4, 2017
Coolness. The game is just to stay ahead of the game. It doesn’t have to make sense. Just be ahead.

As for the National Space Council becoming legit…WTF?!?!?

Wasn’t it just last week Congress was debating with the USAF about a Space Corps? I thought the five immediate threats to ‘Merika were The Chinese-US Trade Deficit [the US economy], North Korean ICBMs [nuclear prolifiration], Iranian-made enriched plutonium [nuclear prolifiration], ISIS [terrorism], and cyber attacks [US elections?]. Which of these has to do with the importance of weaponizing human-piloted spacecraft? You should really watch Buzz Aldrin during Trump’s speech on Space. It’s sad and funny at the same time.

Buzz Aldrin reaction to Trump speech:
It’s like Buzz wants to grab the mic and say “Not everything being said is entirely true nor disclosed completely. Please keep calm even though I don’t look it. P.S., I’m standing up here because the current administration said I will get the chance to be buried on Mars.
Buzz and Arnold talk about Mars:

EVERYONE! GET YOUR ASS TO MARS! The fake UFO invasion is gonna happen!” LOL…have an Awesome 4th of July everyone.

Original Ass To Mars Quote:


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