The Age of Virtual Currencies – Email with CS Student #222


Email thread discussion with Tyler replied to this morning July 6, 2017.

You won’t find any mention of Prasos Oy’s encrypted currency in the current July 3, 2017, issue of Barrons [photo credit to Tyler Amaral at Tacoma International Airport this morning] because it is still being developed like right now.

Email thread discussion with Tyler started June 23, 2017.

I would normally end the reply to this question with anyone else. Since I know you’re smart enough to understand the implications of the technology involved and not totally caught up with Trump-isms and News-tainment here are two business-technology lessons in stuff that won’t be covered by Keith nor Shawon anytime soon.

LESSON 1 – Review of Satoshi Nakamoto’s whitepaper on BitCoin.

LESSON 2 – Prasos Oy
Mr. Viljami Räisä, Chief Production Officer of Prasos Oy
Mr. Joel Kaartinen, Chief Technology Officer of Prasos Oy

When Prasos Oy, a Jyväskylä, Finland-based Fintech startup, acquired payment service platform from the Hemmo Group, Prasos Oy wanted to be the first among a few cryptocurrency service providers that would take on a new economy where big banks would have a hard time following. That economy would literally be a huge open landscape where it would be free from influences from large corporate entities that own huge physical pieces of network technology that keep the Internet running. They wanted to be the premium cryptocurrency service provider that was free from government regulations, taxes, tariffs, micro-management, by people constantly influenced by professional corporate supported lobbyists. Even though there are various types of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has had the most supportive infrastructure built out for its use across the world. It’s not that Bitcoin is a standard, it’s just the thing that has had more acceptance in its usage as a standard digital currency that is becoming more and more recognized and accepted. Bitcoin represents [here’s that word again] the construct of an alternative to currencies that would be free from manipulation by a powerful government or corporate entity (entities if you’re a conglomerate). Viljami and Joel have discussed an improved version of the Bitcoin construct. This is the thing I was talking about with you the other day. I don’t know if they will follow through with it or if they have abandoned the development of it. I think it will happen because of growing interest in the development of blockchain technology by developers like myself.

LESSON 3 – Blockchain Technology (This is very big with my Super-Techno-Geek friends)
[Very few people know that these talks happened. No TV coverage. No nothing. I guarantee no one else knows about it in the CS department. If they do they’re lying. An if you do your Masters thesis or Doctorate disertation on it you will literally be the smartest guy in the room…at least at UH Hilo.]

In comes Blockstack
Mr. Ryan Shea, Co-Founder of Blockstack
Mr. Muneeb Ali, Co-Founder of Blockstack

Blockstack wants to take that concept of a true free-enterprise markets to a bold level backwards, redesigning the Internet in such a way that it would be restructured to very decentralized systems using blockchain technology. Almost mimicking the way the Internet was back in the early 1990s. Have you ever heard of moving backwards for gain progress? Correct, the answers are Brexit and the 2016 US elections. LOL. Seriously though, no one entity should control the Internet nor the access to it. Retro Saturday Morning Cartoons Rule! [blockchain technology]

Explore the use of your academic talents and resources to start exploring the veil that covers the eyes of all the worker bees eyes. It’s OK to hack around to find the truth, just don’t get caught. Having trouble being sneaky in plain sight, join the US Army like I did. I learned how to lie, cheat, and steal better after going through 8-weeks of basic training in the frozen tundra of Missouri. My drill sergeants like to refer to it a building both character and resourcefulness.

On another side note I’m sharing this email segment with you I got this morning, “Mr. John Hyatt, Director for Research and Innovation in Art and Design, at Manchester Metropolitan University, has took the plunge regarding what he believes is a miraculous discovery, risking his intellectual career in the pursuit of the truth.” Sound good to you. It did to me. I wonder if I will get more of these kinds of emails in the near future. I don’t recall subscribing to an email campaign by either The National Enquirer or The Globe.

It was accompanied by a link to a photograph of tiny flying things smaller than the length of your pinky nail having ‘humanoid’ proportions. Yes, I said it ‘pinky nail’ and no reference to Bruno Mars. Heresy! Ugh…another tangent.

Back to the email at hand, of all the analogies and references I have, I’ve come to the conclusion that they look like a kind of fairy. Different from the ones in the US which usually resemble flowers or leaves. Mr. Hyatt’s fairies look like golden-yellow, tiny people with moth-like wings. I still gotta check if this email was legitimately sent by my friend or just them playing with me.

One more thing, I met a yoga instructor yesterday that has connections to ayahuasca and a shaman who conducts ceremonies on the Big Island. I’ll let you know how the meeting goes. I may have to enjoy the crumbling of the United States economy from Hilo instead of Renton, VA.


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