Random Emails #3.14159 – Just Get Your Ass To Mars Spicey


You may not know the significance of this story but an elected U.S. Congressman actually risked his credibility inquiring about evidence reflecting the existence of ancient civilizations on Mars during NASA inquiry.
Trump! Trump! Trump! LOL! It would be really cool to find out that homo-sapien sapiens actually were been trading with outer solar system locations.
Anyways, thought I would share something else supporting the whole U.S. “Starfleet Command” agenda.



Dude, Spicer just resigned. It doesn’t have anything to do with the email you sent, but I thought it was funny. And Trump just appointed someone to the position, not the person who was next in line.

I know. I found out while I was at Safeway. What is SNL and Jenny McCarthy going to do for skits now?

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